CA-98 nobel prize awarded science

Anti-Aging based on Nobel prize awarded science

Important research regarding telomeres and telomerase has been conducted the past years, resulting in the discovery of a human enzyme called telomerase which maintains telomeres and can actually restore them to their original length and reverse aging. This ultimately resulted in awarding Carol Greider and Elizabeth Blackburn together with Jack Szostak the Nobel Prize (2009) in Physiology and Medicine for discoveries regarding the relationship between telomeres and aging.

Most human cells have the potential to live a lot longer than they do. Telomerase is present in almost all cells but “turned off”, CA-98 turns telomerase on, which will lengthen your (short) telomeres and or slows their rate of loss. This allows cells to live longer in a more “youthful” state. Telomeres are sequences of DNA, located at the ends of all chromosomes, which serve as cellular clocks of aging. Each time a cell divides, its telomeres get progressively shorter. When telomeres get so short that a cell can’t function, the cell either stops functioning properly or dies. Our telomeres are 15.000 base pairs long at the conception. The embryo then divides so many times, that at birth our telomeres are down to 10.000 base pairs. We lose 5.000 base pairs telomeres in the rest of our life. When the remaining telomeres are down to roughly between 3.000 and 5.000, most of us will be dead.

The telomerase producing gene is “turned off” in all human cells, except the egg and sperm. This information was the basis to stimulate other cells with telomerase. In a breakthrough experiment prematurely aging mice were injected with telomerase and the signs of aging began to disappear. Grey hair grew back to dark and thick and the brain size expanded to match that of young mice.

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