CA-98 helps to keep and grow long and luscious telomeres

Beat The Senior Blues with CA-98

We all know how it feels; having the blues from time to time just proves we are human. However, when you’re feeling down as soon as you open your eyes in the morning and you don’t seem to remember how to feel happy anymore, something is wrong. Aging can easily go hand in hand with depression and it’s good to know the signs so you can beat the senior blues before it takes over your life. CA-98 and other tips can help you live happily ever after!

Sure, bad things happen in life and having an off day now and then is very normal. Depression however, is not an inevitable fact of aging. You don’t have to feel bad just because you are growing older; everybody can and should be enjoying life. Luckily, there are things you can do about this ‘senior blues’, you just have recognize it and take action. Have you lost interest in things you used to enjoy? Lost your appetite? Are you suffering weight loss, feeling hopeless and lonely? Having trouble sleeping? Recognizing the symptoms of a depression is the first step to recovery.

Surprisingly, many depressed seniors say they don’t feel sad at all. You don’t necessarily have to feel sad to be suffering a major depression. The other common misconception is, that feeling depressed is just a fact of aging. This is why many elderly don’t get the help they need. Even if you don’t feel sad, your physical health can indicate a depression. Red flags include lack of energy, sleeping problems, fatigue, increased use of alcohol or drugs, unexplained pains or memory problems. Don’t assume these are normal signs of aging you just have to live with, but seek help if you don’t feel like your normal self!

Off course there are reasons why elderly have more chances of feeling depressed. Loss of loved ones, health problems like chronic illness and pain, loneliness and fear of death are just a few common causes of depression. Grieving is normal, but when if the sadness and feelings of hopelessness are not going away, it’s time to take action. It’s not easy to tell the difference between grief and depression. Go see the doctor to get the right treatment. Sometimes (other) medication can be the answer, but there are things you can do yourself to feel better. With the right treatment, support and self-help you can lead a happy and vibrant life.

Let CA-98 Help you!

Basic self-care is step one. Make sure you get enough sleep and a healthy diet. Stay in shape, both psychically and mentally! Exercise. Even if you have physical limitations, there is always a proper way to work out. Having a stroll every day or taking a nice swim can make all the difference. Most swimming pools have special ‘senior hours’ (with extra warm water!) to keep those aging muscles smooth and fit. Make sure you ask someone to join you, because isolation is another major cause of senior depression. Make sure you stay on touch socially. The World Wide Web can be your friend when you’re looking for companion, but don’t forget to get off that chair and meet people in the flesh too! Last but not least, take care of your body. Combine a healthy diet with CA-98 capsules, to give your body everything it needs. CA-98 capsules are all natural supplements that help your body to stay young and fit. CA-98 helps to keep and grow long and luscious telomeres that protect the body cells from aging. You deserve a long and happy life; let CA-98 help you beat the senior blues for good!

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