CA-98 Telomerase Activator

CA-98 and Telomerase Activity

Why is telomerase activity so important? Telomeres are the caps on genetic code that prevent chromosomal decay and eventual death of cells. Researchers hope to extend life by finding a substance that can keep telomeres from shortening, and keep them more active.

Throughout history, man has been trying to find a way to live longer. Immortality has been sought after with little success, and many spectacular failures. The human race has been able to extend life, somewhat, with better food, safer living conditions and better medical care, but immortality still alludes mankind. The fear of death has driven many people throughout history to seek immortality, or at least longer life spans. Finally there is the possibility of extending life by preventing or slowing chromosomal decay, by using the correct substance to keep telomeres more active.

Without intervention, as cells divide, the telomeres shorten and cause the cells to slowly lose the ability to prevent wear and tear, leading to the functional decline, and then death of the cells. To reverse this process, a dependable telomerase enzyme activator, like CA-98, is needed. Extracts from the Astragalus membranaceous root, like CA-98, have been shown to activate telomerase. CA-98 is highly purified, that when combined with MD (microdispense) becomes very bioavailable.

Customers, including doctors and university research departments are very satisfied with the quality of the product.

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