CA-98‘s Cycloastragenol (CA) attacks the issues associated with aging at their root and is believed to produce a great number of beneficial health effects. It can help to slow the development of a whole host of age-related health issues, and this action alone can produce important positive health outcomes. It can help contribute to much greater overall health in those who use it regularly. Some consider the health-improving properties so impressive and potent that they think of it as something of a fountain of youth or certainly nearer to that ideal than any other available option.

CA-98‘s Cycloastragenol (CA) is an absolutely natural compound extracted from high quality stocks of Astragalus roots. This molecule, Cycloastragenol (CA), has been revealed to act as an activator for telomerase activity in the human body. With this activating agent, shortening of telomere cells (cause of cell aging) in a human body is slowed down. It thus reduces cell aging in human. This molecular arrangement has been researched and studied well. Studies with twenty subjects reveal that it has physiological anti-aging effects that rapidly and effectively work, also reducing visible signs of aging.

The human body has cells that carry the ability to live much longer than they do. All of them carry telomerase activity, but it is not activated (“turned off”). Telomeres fall into the category of DNA sequences and are positioned at chromosomes culmination. These act as aging clocks working around human cells. Division of each cell serves as a shortening of telomeres. With progressive shortening in time, cells reach a point where telomeres become so short that they stop functioning and die.

With the aid of Cycloastragenol (CA), telomerase activity is turned on, which helps make human cells live longer and reduces the loss of cells. Thus these enzymes play a vital role in keeping your cells youthful for a longer timeframe. CA-98 is a unique formula in the form of a Cycloastragenol (CA) derived product. Although you may find other (inferior) compounds claiming to be as effective as this one, please be aware of quality and purity which is extremely important. Biological activity is enhanced in your body with a compound of excellent quality and purity. The pharmacokinetic properties of CA-98’s Cycloastragenol (CA) (derived from the Astragalus root) are best in class.

Note: CA-98 begins to work instantly, and you may begin to feel instant changes in your body. After using it for a couple of months (around six months), you will be able to witness substantial advantages.