CA-98‘s Cycloastragenol (CA) protects against the issues associated with aging at their root and is known to support a great number of beneficial health effects. It can help to manage the effects of various age-related health issues, and those effects can individually produce essential positive health benefits. It can help contribute to a feeling of much greater overall health for those who use it regularly. Some experience the health-improving effects so impressive and potent that they call it the fountain of youth or certainly as a rejuvenating health elixir.


CA-98‘s Cycloastragenol (CA) is a 100% natural compound extracted from high quality organic Astragalus roots. The particular molecule we are using, Cycloastragenol (CA), has been tested to act as an activator for telomerase activity in the human body. With this active nutrient, shortening of telomere cells (cause of cell aging) in a human body is decreased. Cycloastragenol can therefore help to reduce cellular aging in humans. This molecular effect has been researched and evaluated extensively and reveals that Cycloastragenol has physiological anti-aging effects that rapidly and effectively result in more vitality, including reducing visible signs of cosmetic aging.

The human body has cells that have the ability to live much longer than they generally do. All of them have a role in maintaining normal telomerase activity, but it is not always turned on. Telomeres belong to the category of maintaining healthy DNA synthesis. These telomeres act as an aging clock for human cells. Division of each cell can result in the shortening of telomeres and different DNA synthesis. With normal progressive shortening in time, cells reach a point where telomeres become too short in order to function properly and leaving their function of DNA synthesis.

With the aid of Cycloastragenol (CA), DNA synthesis is turned on, where telomeres help to make human cells live longer and maintain normal daily cellular losses. Thus, these enzymes play a vital role in keeping your cells youthful for a relatively longer time frame. CA-98 from Anti-Aging Labs is an unique formula based on the best quality Cycloastragenol (CA) available.

Although you may find other (inferior) compounds claiming to have the same effects as this, please be aware of quality and purity which is extremely important. Biological binding is enhanced in your body with a compound of excellent quality and purity. The physiological properties of CA-98’s Cycloastragenol (CA), derived from the Astragalus root are of top certified quality.


Please note: the scientific background information is regarding the ingredient cycloastragenol.