CA-98 Dosage

Dosing would ideally be based upon the need, so after a telomere test, (which are now available from some laboratories in Europe for a few hundred Euros) the result would be an examination of the shortest telomeres (this is now considered to be more important than the overall average telomere length). Please note the dosage depends also on which CA-98 you take. Please click here for the exact dosage information CA-98 Advanced and click here for the exact dosage information for CA-98 Essentials

Without a telomerase test, below a guideline for you to choose the appropriate dosage for your unique situation:

1. People from age 25 who want to engage in an early prevention. Especially, but not limited to,
for those who endure a great deal of stress (eg. CEO’s, law enforcement, currency traders,
lawyers, etc.); or people who make a living ‘looking good’ (eg. actors, models, sales reps, etc.);
and people who constantly need to perform at high level (eg. athletes):
1 capsule daily
2. Healthy adults in their 40’s or 50’s:1 – 2 capsules daily
3. People in good health who want to be proactive in longevity and healthy aging;
many people in their 50’s or 60’s fall into this category:
2 – 3 capsules daily
4. Over 70 years of age, or any age and telomeres found short, or reason to believe
that strengthening your immune system will have particular benefit:
4 capsules daily

Note: CA-98 begins to work instantly, and you may begin to feel instant changes in your body. After using it for a couple of months (around six months), you will be able to witness substantial advantages.