CA-98 Safety & Side Effects

CA-98 is derived from Astragalus root and is all natural active ingredient. Although this product can have positive effects on the human body, you still want to know if there’s a chance of negative effects too.

Fortunately it is not something completely new, as Astragalus has been used (also in teas) for many years (in Chinese Traditional Use for thousands of years) and there are no reports of recorded side effects. No toxic effects have been witnessed with consistent use of a small dosage. Research also shows that even a Cycloastragenol (CA) extreme high dosage of 2000 mg/kg human body weight, had no toxic effects. This dosage could only be reached with consumption of many kilograms of astragalus roots per day

No related health risks have been recorded with use of Astragalus associated products.

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Note: The physiological effect of CA-98 will start immediately, and you may begin to feel some changes in your body after starting. When you have been using it for a couple of months (around six months), you will be able to experience all relevant benefits.