TA-65 and CA-98

What is the difference between CA-98 and TA-65?

Below you will find a list with differences between CA-98 Advanced and TA-65.

Please note we are not claiming that one is better than the other. You can make your own decision what suits you better.

TA-65CA-98 Advanced
1.EUR 499 – 90 caps 8 mg
EUR 399 – 90 caps 20 mg
2. TA-65 is formulated
through a proprietary
CA-98 contains pure Cycloastragenol,
formulated through proprietary extracting methods, resulting in >= 98% Cycloastragenol (CA-98).  
3. TA-65 contains
8 mg Cycloastragenol from
root extract
(per capsule).
CA-98 contains
20 mg Cycloastragenol from Astragalus root extract
(per capsule).  
4. Unable to verify the quality /purity of the Cycloastragenol used in
The quality of Cycloastragenol
in CA-98 is verified and
documented by a well-known
independent and
internationally accredited
5. TA-65 contains E460, E464 and E551
(other ingredients),
synthetic food additives
(E-numbers), that are added
to the capsule as a filler and
anti-caking agent.
CA-98 is encapsulated with
a special Astragalus root
matrix where no food additives need to be added to the
6. No addition of other active ingredients for product
In addition to the 20 mg
Cycloastragenol, CA-98 is
synergistically fortified with 
Spectra™ . This 100% vegan
concentrate is made of a
proprietary organic blend
of natural fruits, vegetables,
and botanicals. 
7. TA-65 is packed in plastic
bottles, leaving the Cycloastragenol unprotected against
potentially harmful radiation.
CA-98 is packed in a special
UV-protective Violettglas bottle (Swiss science). 
8. Finished product manufactured in the United States in acccordance with GMP.Finished product manufactured in
Europe (The Netherlands) in compliance with EU regulation.