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Good Night with CA-98!

The best remedy for a fresh face and a healthy glow is a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well makes you look and feel energized and ready for the challenges of the following day. Sadly enough, as we age we often experience changes in our sleeping patterns. These changes affect our day to day health and can be a real threat to our well-being. Learn how to keep a lifetime healthy sleeping rhythm and how CA-98 capsules can be a great support.

Developing a different sleeping pattern when aging doesn’t have to be a problem. It’s only natural that we may go to bed earlier than we used to or wake up at an early hour and maybe we need a nap during the day to renew our energy level. Our body changes when we grow older.  Along with the physical changes that occur, our sleeping pattern changes. Many seniors rapport experiencing less satisfying sleep and being more tired and less alert during the day. Scientific studies show that older people need more time to fall asleep and wake up much more during the night. As a result, they feel less energetic and have trouble concentrating and remembering things.

The average adult needs eight hours of sleep to function optimally. The best way to figure out if you get all the sleep you need at night, is to monitor how you feel from the moment you wake up in the morning. The signs of sleep deprivation are pretty subtle so you have to pay attention to the signals. For instant: are you feeling tired after a meal? Dozing off in your car? Moody? Stressed out? Gaining weight? Craving sugary snacks? Chances are you are sleep deprived. Maybe you don’t even remember how it feels to be wide-awaked, so you don’t pay attention to the signs. Truth is: you don’t need to feel this way; there are solutions to these sleeping problems. CA-98 capsules are a great supplement for renewing your body cells and giving your body a boost. Combine CA-98 with a healthy diet and try the following tips:

It’s important to keep a regular bedtime routine. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. The best proof of a healthy and consistent rhythm is when you don’t need an alarm clock to wake up. Bedtime rituals can help your body to feel relaxed at bedtime. No more caffeine and heavy meals late at night. Instead go for an evening walk. The fresh air and exercise reduce stress and make you fall asleep easier. Expose yourself to daylight during the day to develop a healthy day and night rhythm. Use your bedroom exclusively for sleeping. No more e-mail checking in bed! Make sure your bedroom is dark and cool

Sleeping pills may sound like the perfect solution, but they actually make the problem worse. Not only are those pills addictive, they disrupt your biological rhythm and the side effects are not helping you much as well. Instead of using sleeping pills, try CA-98 capsules. CA-98 is a natural supplement that tributes to a better and deeper sleep by restoring and renewing your body cells. CA-98 makes you feel and look vibrant and ready to face the day!

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