Longer Telomeres with CA-98

How can you Grow Longer Telomeres?

Longer telomeres are the key to a long and healthy life. A telomere is a region of repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome. Telomeres protect chromosomes against decline. The longer these telomeres are, the better they can do their job. Over time the telomere ends become shorter and shorter and therefore our body cells will age and eventually die. Can lifestyle changes lengthen telomeres? Let’s find out!

The shorter our telomeres are, the faster we age. Our skin loses elasticity, we suffer more and more from typical old-age diseases and overall our bodies start to weaken. That’s certainly not the way we want to live our golden years, but how can you turn back the clock? Off course, staying young forever has its limits, but longer telomeres can postpone getting nasty ailments. The only question is: how do you lengthen those telomeres?

All telomeres shorten after a certain age, but studies show that men’s telomeres get short faster than woman’s. The clock starts ticking after the age of fifty, but to slow down the shortening of your telomeres and to extend your lifespan you have to act as soon as possible. Well balanced nutrition is step one to stay fit as long as possible. An effective diet to keep your telomeres as long as possible, includes lots of fruits and vegetables. The greener the better. Organic food is always the best choice to keep your body from wasting time eliminating toxins. Give your body the best support with extra vitamins, such as fish oil and CA-98 capsules.

Not only bad eating habits can shorten your telomeres. Lots of stress and lack of sleep can also do a lot of damage and shorten your telomeres faster than you’d like. To slow down the aging process, make sure you get enough sleep. Eight hours sleep is recommended to stay fit and healthy. Reduce stress as much as possible and certainly don’t take your trouble to bed. Try to make a little stroll before bedtime. The fresh air and physical activity make you fall asleep easier and make you sleep much deeper.

To keep your telomeres from shortening, loose bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Exposing yourself to toxins makes the telomeres shorten at a much faster rate. Replace those toxic habits for healthy ones. Scientific studies show that exercise is another great way to keep your telomeres long and healthy. No need to go to the gym twice a day, just take the bike instead of the car and the stairs instead of the elevator. Yoga or Tai Chi are great sports to reduce stress and have a healthy exercise at the same time.

Slow down the shortening of your telomeres by making some relatively easy changes in your lifestyle and your body will thank you by making you look and feel younger and fitter than ever before. Don’t waste time; start today to turn back the clock and let your telomeres live long and happily ever after!

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