Longer telomeres mean longer living body cells

Long Telomeres or How to Blow Out a Hundred Candles one Day……..

What is the secret behind people who live to be a hundred years old or even older?  Is it just a miracle or is there actually something you can do to live long and healthy? Learn the secrets from people living in the so called ‘Blue Zones’. Blue Zones are places on earth where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else in the world. Thankfully, the fact that longer telomeres expand the lifespan of our body cells is no secret anymore. Let’s find out what more you can do!

Five ‘Blue Zones’ have been discovered so far. Five places where people grow older than anywhere else and, maybe even more important, stay healthy till their last breath. Without taking medicines and most of them without disability. First, let’s reveal those five places. The five Blue Zones are: Okinawa (Japan), Loma Linda (California), Sardinia (Italy), Nicoya Peninsula (California) and Ikaria (Greece). What do the inhabitants of these five areas have in common? Surprisingly, it all comes down to lifestyle. Yes, that’s right: changing the way you live can expand your life and its quality dramatically! Could it be this simple?

Living long and healthy is a choice. Quite shocking, right? But be aware: there’s no quick fix. Dedication is the key. People in Blue Zones workout every day. They don’t just sweat in the gym one day in the week; they exercise and stay active every day throughout their whole life. Gardening, walking, swimming: as long as it’s a natural way of exercising, it’s perfect for your health. Choose your food wisely too. A lifetime, well balanced diet is so much healthier then starving to fit that tiny bikini ones a year. Everything fresh and green is good for you and remember the ’80 percent rule’: stop eating when you are saturated for 80 percent. Staying just a little bit hungry works wonders for your body. Stuffing yourself does more damage than it is nutritious. One (just one!) glass of red wine at dinner can be beneficial for your health and it helps to calm down. Living stress free is another quality of people in the Blue Zones. Siesta, meditation, yoga or praying: people in the Blue Zones take relaxation very seriously. And so should you if you want to be a hundred years old one day!

Another thing we can learn from these ‘Blue Zones’, is that love and community are necessities if you value a long and healthy life. Surround yourself with family and people you love. Taking care of each other seems to be inextricably linked to a long life. Taking care of you is off course required as well. We know by now that longer telomeres mean longer living body cells. CA-98. Cycloastragenol capsules activate telomerase and make those telomeres stretch so they can protect your body cells from aging. Combine longer telomeres with a ‘Blue Zone lifestyle’ and maybe one day you’ll get to blow out those hundred candles!

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