Magnesium Citrate, the Spark of Life

Magnesium is a mineral needed by EVERY CELL of your body. It creates energy in each and every cell by activating ATP, the fuel that drives each cell of your body.

Oceanic Magnesium Citrate

Oceanic Magnesium Citrate from Anti-Aging Labs is one the best magnesium supplements available. It sets the golden standard for magnesium citrate supplements. AAL Oceanic Magnesium delivers 400 mg ionic magnesium citrate per glass and is highly enriched with vitamin D3 in order to optimize its action and minimize deficiencies. AAL Oceanic Magnesium is all natural and amongst others an excellent support for your muscles, better sleep, stress reduction and against anxiety. From an anti-aging perspective, it helps to relax your body and mind, therefore supporting your overall health.

Ionic Magnesium Citrate

Oceanic Magnesium mainly exists of natural magnesium from seawater and organic citric acid. When these nutrients come into contact with water, they fizz and ionic magnesium citrate is formed. The magnesium and citrate in the water are not bonded to each other, but are effective and freely available, in a way that the magnesium citrate can be optimally absorbed by the body. The ratio of the ingredients is designed in a way to give the liquid a specific acidity so the magnesium ions remain stable and can easily be transported through the body. Three times (3x) better than magnesium oxide.

Oceanic Magnesium powder is a unique, sodium-free powder concept providing liquid magnesium citrate. The magnesium is stabilized in a high-quality, hydrated form and is immediately dissolved in the stomach, ready for transport to the intestines. Because the ionic magnesium molecules dissolve optimally in the intestines too, they are efficiently used by the body.

Therapeutic fortification

The fortification of Oceanic Magnesium powder with vitamins B1, B6, B9, B12 and D3 has even made it more complete. The added vitamins and the magnesium are therapeutically active and are complementary to each other to form a broad spectrum of nutrients to support anti-aging:

Oceanic Magnesium Citrate is good for:

  • For over 300 enzymatic processes (magnesium)
  • For the nerves (magnesium)
  • For less stress sensitivity (folate)
  • For the muscle function (magnesium, vitamin D3)
  • For the heart function (vitamin B1)
  • For regulation of hormonal activity (Vitamin B6)
  • When having muscle weakness (vitamin D3)
  • Against tiredness (Vitamin B12)

Clean label foods

Because of the growing demand for additive-free food, the international food industry is changing rapidly. There is a clear shift from vitamins to minerals. Surveys also show that consumers increasingly opt for food supplements which are processed as little as possible and which are made of known, active ingredients. Our (clean label) magnesium citrate powders offer an excellent opportunity to contribute to this success of clean label food supplements, products with greater efficacy and more added value than for example standard magnesium oxide tablets.

AAL Oceanic Magnesium is:

  1. The best magnesium supplement available;
  2. Easy to use, 1 glass per day;
  3. A magnesium citrate powder;
  4. A liquid Ionic magnesium;
  5. Optimal for natural absorption;
  6. Enriched with vitamin D3;
  7. Proven to support sleep;
  8. Ideal for reducing stress;
  9. Usable to help against anxiety;
  10. Clean label, no additives.