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The Price of CA-98

Let’s be honest:  CA-98 capsules are not the cheapest supplements out there. A supply of  CA-98 capsules in our shop easily cost around 115 euros per month and that is quite a lot of money. Why is there such a high price tag, couldn’t those capsules be a bit cheaper?

Just open the average bathroom cabinet in the average household and jars of supplements and vitamins will tumble out. We all want to stay healthy and we are willing to spend a lot on it. A little pill here, a bit of powder there. We like to fool ourselves that there is that one jar of vitamins or supplements which will make our lives better and healthier. Unfortunately, most pills do not give you the promised result. Rather than filling your bathroom cabinet with false promises, you are better off investing in supplements that really can deliver on their promises. CA-98 capsules have been scientifically proven to be effective in the fight against aging. Yes, they carry a price tag, but the CA-98 capsules are worth it. That CA-98 capsules deliver on their promise, namely the activation of  telomerase in our body.

There are lots of vitamins and supplements out there that you do not need if you just eat healthy. Through your diet you get most of the vitamins and minerals you need and those “extra vitamins” usually have absolutely no added value. In some cases (if you are sick or pregnant, for example) certain additional vitamins are recommended, but even then you have to be careful not to buy nonsense in a jar. Avoid pills with synthetic fabrics, such as oxides and phosphates, because these are substances that your body cannot process properly. Always choose organic pills. Fillers, sugars and preservatives should also be avoided if you want pills to have a positive effect on your body, instead of harming it. It is definitely better to choose a single good multi vitamin pill that has everything in it that you need than to take all sorts of different vitamin pills. This can seriously confuse your vitamin metabolism!

There are no cheap vitamin pills that can battle the aging of your body. Apart from expensive cell therapy, CA-98  is a method to reverse the aging process of your body cells. The development of CA-98 is based on Nobel Prize winning science. CA-98 is a hypoallergenic, which means it is a natural product. It is free from preservatives, additives and other unnatural substances. After years of costly research it has been discovered how molecules from the Astragalus root can be isolated and be used to activate telomerase in body cells. These capsules are therefore not cheap to produce, but if your health and a beautiful youthful old age is valuable to you, they a very good investment. They are not cheap, but an active and vibrant life at a ripe old age is just priceless!

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