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RG-Cell and Reducing Sun Damage

Although the sun isn’t showing her face as much as we would like yet, it will be summer before we know it. Now is the time to take action, so we will look our best once it’s sunny enough to show off on the beach. Besides working on that bikini proof body, we must prepare our skin for the sun. How do you avoid skin damage and what can RG-Cell do for your skin?

First of all, we want to look our absolute best in summertime. Once the summer hits the city and the beaches, there is no place to hide. People get rid of layer after layer of their clothes and before you know it, you’ll find yourself dancing on the beach in no more than a tiny bikini or swim shorts. Will you be ready to reveal yourself? That of course is the big question! Adjusting your diet (skip the coffee and the sugar!) and working out are indispensable for an effective preparation. But a smoking body is nowhere without a glowing face. RG-Cell skincare is the perfect solution for a dull winter skin.

RG-Cell skincare is a revolutionary anti-aging product to rejuvenate your skin on a cellular level. RG-Cell features an unique mix of stem cell activators, working together to protect and regenerate your skin. These stem cell activators wake up the dormant stem cells in order to stimulate fibroblast production of collagen. The skin firmness and elasticity increases, while fine lines and wrinkles fade. With a smooth, younger and vibrant appearance as the amazing result.

Many people associate a tanned skin with youth and health. As we all know, sunbathing does the exact opposite to your skin. Too much exposure to UV light leaves your skin wrinkled and makes you actually look older. Not the look you were going for this summer! Nothing wrong with a tanned skin of course, but you have to be very careful. Besides giving you wrinkles and age spots, sunbathing increases your risk for developing skin cancer. Did you know severe sunburn at a young age can cause melanoma ( malignant tumors) later in life? To avoid sun damage, always use sun protection. Stay in the shadow as much as you can, especially in the middle of the day when UV rays are the strongest, use sunscreen and cover up wear a hat and tightly woven loose fitting clothes whenever exposed to the sun .

There are better ways to look and feel good in summertime. No need for endless and damaging sunbathing; a healthy skin is the new tan. Nothing more sexy than a healthy and youthful skin. Start using RG-Cell skincare now, to have a fresh face to match your tight bikini in the summer! Just a few RG-Cell drops a day are all you need to have that healthy summer glow on the beach without overexposing your delicate skin to the sun.

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