CA-98 Astragalus

The Secret Powers of Astragalus

A root that makes you feel good. The Chinese know this for ages: Astragalus root has many powerful benefits for our health. The most intriguing secret power of Astragalus is probably its anti-aging effect. Thankfully, this amazing power won’t be a secret to you for much longer. We’re about to reveal how this root will help you look and feel young and healthy….shhhhht, don’t tell anyone!

Astragalus (also known as locoweed, milk-vetch or goat’s thorn) is an attractive looking herb that grows in northern China and Mongolia. Not only the plant itself is good-looking; Astragalus is known for its anti-aging powers and is said to make you look youthful forever. The Chinese have known it all along: Astragalus is the secret to never fading beauty. To find this secret, we have to dig deeper, because especially the root has been shown to be really helpful in slowing down the aging process of our body. In traditional Chinese medicine, Astragalus root has been used for ages. The root is well known for boosting the immune system, regulate metabolism en gain strength.

You don’t need to see a Chinese doctor anymore, to benefit from this powerful weed. Thanks to years and years of research, scientists were able to literally unravel the weed’s secrets. Astragalus is build up of two important components: two powerful molecules called cycloastragenols and astragalosides. These two molecules play an important role in the activation of telomerase. And, as more and more people are finding out: longer telomeres mean a longer and healthier lifespan of our body cells! The longer the telomeres, the better they can protect our chromosomes and therefore longer telomeres slow down the aging process of our body.

Sounds fantastic, but this knowledge alone wasn’t enough; to use the anti-aging powers of the Astragalus root, scientist first had to extract these two important molecules cycloastragenols and astragalosides. It was a major scientific breakthrough when they succeeded. The result was used to develop the revolutionary CA-98’s cycloastragenol. The CA-98 cycloastragenol capsules contain the highly-concentrated extract and are developed to age our body cells in reverse. In other words: CA-98’s cycloastragenol capsules are developed to turn on telomerase and help increase the lifespan of our body cells. Combine these powerful supplements with a nutritious diet and a healthy workout regime and you’ll be blowing out those birthday candles year after year, looking and feeling younger than ever before!

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