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Smile with RG-Cell Skin Treatment

A smile a day keeps the doctor away and RG-Cell skin treatment keeps those wrinkles away! Smiling is healthy and a beautiful smile sure makes you look radiant and attractive. Sadly, smiling (just like any other facial expression) also leaves fine lines on your face. Those fine lines will eventually transform in wrinkles if you don’t take good care of your skin. Wrinkles are definitely not a reason to smile, so let’s find out how RG-Cell skin care can help you smile all day without having to worry about those wrinkles!

First, let’s find out exactly why laughing is so good for you. Doctors around the world agree: laughter is the best medicine. We all know how a good deep-rooted belly laugh makes you feel: it makes your body sore, your side hurt and you can’t catch your breath. It makes you feel exhausted afterwards in a very good way, like relaxing after a good workout in the gym. And surprisingly, a good laugh has more in common with a workout than you might think! When we laugh, we stretch muscles in our face and in our body, our pulse and blood pressure go up and we send more oxygen to our tissues because we breathe faster. This is why laughter supports the immune system, stimulates our organs and improves blood pressure. Laughing is a great way to boost your heart rate and it even can reduce pain.

Endorphins are your body’s natural painkillers. A good laugh will release endorphins, which can help ease pain. Laughter also helps your body and mind relax and therefore is beneficial for people who suffer (chronic) pain. A good laugh before bedtime helps you sleep better as well. Did you know that laughter also helps you burn calories? Don’t get your hopes up too fast though; burning a regular chocolate bar will require a laughing session of approximately twelve hours. Laughing can’t completely replace the gym, but it sure helps make exercising more fun and laughing does help you tone those abs. When you laugh, the muscles in your stomach area expand and contract, similar to a regular ab workout.

So far, smiling only seems to have a lot of benefits. The only downside of smiling a lot, are those unwanted wrinkles in your face. No one really enjoys crow’s feet around their eyes or deep lines next to the mouth. Sure, wrinkles from smiling are a lot better than a permanent frown from worrying too much, but we’d still prefer a nice smooth face. No problem: RG-Cell skin care can help you look happy, young and wrinkle free! RG-Cell is a new cutting edge skin treatment that improves your skin from the inside out. RG-Cell is a revolutionary Stem Cell Serum that nurtures and conditions to delay onset of fine lines and wrinkles. RG-Cell skin care repairs skin damage and makes your skin glow and look years younger. So never stop smiling; a drop of RG-Cell a day is all you need to keep those wrinkles at bay!

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