CA-98 lengthens your telomeres

Sunshine and CA-98 for happy golden years!

Just like birds, when the weather is getting colder and colder, older people dream of ways to fly away to warmer climes. Some of them actually move, temporarily or permanently, to a country with a nice, more stable climate. Why is it that especially older people feel much better at a comfortable temperature? Let’s find out how a little sunshine and a little help from CA-98 can improve the quality of life in those golden years!

Who doesn’t dream of a lazy life on a beach somewhere after retirement? Why is it that we associate retirement with a sunny lifestyle? Off course, sipping a cocktail on a beautiful beach somewhere doesn’t sound like a bad idea to any of us. Scientific studies however do support the idea that older people actually do benefit from a warmer climate. For one thing, a lot of elderly have an decreased tolerance for cold weather because of chronic joint and muscle problems, such as rheumatism and arthritis. As the weather gets colder, their joints or muscles tend to ache terribly. Moving permanently to a nice climate can be a perfect solution, as the pain and discomfort tend to disappear as soon as it gets warmer.

Extreme winters also mean dangerous circumstances; especially for those older people whose bones have become more fragile then they used to be. Icy roads and piles of snow on the driveway can be a realistic danger. A broken hip or shoulder are serious risks for the elderly on days when a simple activity like getting groceries becomes a slippery challenge. Off course not only the cold can be a problem for older people.  Lot’s of people lose tolerance for temperature extremes as they age and also the heat can seriously effect their health. While a little warmth and sunshine can be beneficial; too much sunshine can do a lot of harm. Seniors tend to forget to drink enough water and older people don’t sweat as effectively as younger people. Overheating therefore is a major threat.

A nice comfy climate with not to much extreme changes would be perfect for people aged 65 years and over. But even if you’re not wealthy enough to move to a dreamy sunspot permanently; there is a lot you can do to improve your quality of life. Make sure you ingest enough vitamin D by taking at least a stroll every day. Even in wintertime! On warmer days, avoid the sun when its too strong. Staying fit and healthy is the best way to defy any climate change. CA-98 capsules help you to stay young and flexible when aging. CA-98 lengthens short telomeres. The longer your telomeres, the better they can protect your body cells from DNA damage. CA-98 is an all natural, plant based supplement that can keep your body in a youthful and healthy shape, year after year. Taking just one CA-98 capsule a day can slow down the natural aging process of your body. Make sure you grow older in a fit and vital body and you’ll be strong enough to withstand any extreme weather type!

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