ta-65 telomerase activator

Promote Health Safely With TA-65

In a world dedicated to anti-aging the idea of discovering anything that prevents cellular aging and promotes cell repair is instantly noticeable. But more than another wrinkle smoother or age spot lightener, a telomerase activator is something which is being studied for its abilities to prohibit oxidation and inflammation in the cells, precursors to illnesses. […]

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TA-65 price

The Price Tag of TA-65

Let’s be honest:  TA-65 capsules are not the cheapest supplements out there. A supply of  TA-65 capsules in our shop easily cost around 160 euros per month and that is quite a lot of money. Why is there such a high price tag, couldn’t those capsules be a bit cheaper? Just open the average bathroom cabinet in […]

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Take TA-65. Start Now

When to start with TA-65?

What is the best time to start with TA-65? Ta-65 capsules are effective in the fight against the aging of the body, But what is the right time to start taking TA-65 capsules? For which age group are the capsules the most suitable? TA-65 capsules are suitable for everyone, but when is the best time […]

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Fountain of Youth, No Bigger Than a Molecule (TA-65)

The Fountain of Youth May Have Been Discovered and It is No Bigger Than a Molecule (TA-65). Ponce de Leon, when writing of his explorations, described a ‘fountain of youth’. Since then, people have been in search of this fountain and the secret of life it supposedly contains. With the discovery of TA-65, a unique […]

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TA-65 nobel prize banner

TA-65, Anti-Aging based on Nobel prize awarded science

Important research regarding telomeres and telomerase has been conducted the past years, resulting in the discovery of a human enzyme called telomerase which maintains telomeres and can actually restore them to their original length and reverse aging. This ultimately resulted in awarding Carol Greider and Elizabeth Blackburn together with Jack Szostak the Nobel Prize (2009) in Physiology and […]

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TA-65 helps to keep and grow long and luscious telomeres

Beat The Senior Blues with TA-65

We all know how it feels; having the blues from time to time just proves we are human. However, when you’re feeling down as soon as you open your eyes in the morning and you don’t seem to remember how to feel happy anymore, something is wrong. Aging can easily go hand in hand with […]

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TA-65 the Proven Telomerase Activator

Good Night with TA-65!

The best remedy for a fresh face and a healthy glow is a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well makes you look and feel energized and ready for the challenges of the following day. Sadly enough, as we age we often experience changes in our sleeping patterns. These changes affect our day to day health and […]

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Telomeres, Telomerase and TA-65

Robot Care or Longer Telomeres?

More and more tasks are taken over by robots, making the help of real humans almost redundant in some work fields. Much more convenient and more economic in most cases, but what about elderly care? Can you imagine yourself being taken care of by a robot when you’re older and in need? Or would you […]

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TA-65 Astragalus

The Secret Powers of Astragalus

A root that makes you feel good. The Chinese know this for ages: Astragalus root has many powerful benefits for our health. The most intriguing secret power of Astragalus is probably its anti-aging effect. Thankfully, this amazing power won’t be a secret to you for much longer. We’re about to reveal how this root will […]

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TA-65 the only proven Telomerase Activator

Let TA-65 Turn Back the Clock on Aging

TA-65 is a plant based compound which is used to rebuild or maintain telomeres that diminish due to aging or poor life-style choices. Longer telomeres are associated with healthier lifestyles and longer life spans. Short telomeres can be symptomatic of cellular aging and dysfunction. A person’s biological age is not always an indicator of their […]

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Telomeres and TA-65 Skin Care

Telomerase Activation and Skin Aging

The human epidermis, or skin as it is commonly called, is the largest organ within the human body and it self-renews throughout a person’s lifetime. Laboratory researchers have discovered that the activation of telomerase has a primary role in maintaining the skin’s proper function as well as in augmenting its renewal. (Telomerase is an enzyme […]

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Telomeres and TA-65

Longer Telomeres and Immortality

Immortality…is it really possible? Avoiding death has always been a dream for us humans. We all want to live as long as possible and stay healthy and youthful while doing so, but dying still is a fact of life. Or isn’t it? Would there be a way to become immortal? There are countless theories about […]

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lengthen telomeres

The Effect of a Nutritious Diet on Telomere Length

Telomeres are a region of repeating nucleotides at the ends of chromosomes. They are present at the end of each arm, or chromatid, of the chromosome. The function of telomeres is to protect the ends of chromosomes during cellular division. In this process, enzymes read the makeup of the chromosome section by section to create […]

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Anti-Aging and Meditation

Meditation and anti-aging

We live hectic lives. A demanding job and stress from other aspects of our daily life are effecting our body and our mind. One look in the mirror during a stressful phase in your life proves it: stress does make you look older in no time. You have to make drastic lifestyle changes to turn […]

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